Cycling the world to build a school

Where are we cycling and why?

Our Route

Pedalling across 25 countries in 3 continents, we will hop on 3 flights and cycle almost 15,000 miles in order to circumnavigate the world in one year. For more details about the route visit

Our Charity - Pencils of Promise

Education has given us both the ability to change our lives. We believe where you start in life should not dictate where you finish, and pencils of promise make this happen for so many children around the world. The best part is that 100% of donations go towards permanently sustaining a better life for children less fortunate than us.

Lastest from the Road

About Us

Dawn Logan

Growing up on our family farm in Scotland, my Mum made education a priority and it has opened up doors for me I had never imagined. I have been able to live abroad while working for one of the largest companies in the world. I hope to give other children the opportunities that I have had.

My mum's love of sports and travel were another infectious trait. Our holidays were always an adventure - from cycling on the western isles to visiting relatives in Zimbabwe. These early trips planted the love of travel within me. After finishing University, I ventured off on my first big trip to South America, and I conitnued my travels through workin in both Italy and the USA.

It was cycling to work in Italy that the idea for this adventure first began and I decided that, after almost a decade in the corporate world, it was time to take on a fresh challenge, combining my love for sports, travel and education.

Claire Gover

Life has had many ups and downs, but the consistent path has always been sport and education. I loved school, striving to be the best and make everyone proud. The PE teachers at Ashdown School were the main influences for me achieving my dreams, I really looked up to them.

Looking back on childhood pictures I can see that sport has been a consistent theme - a football under my foot, a tennis ball in my hand. Eventually, the luxury of being involved in a plethora of sports had to come to an end and hockey was the chosen sport. Having 47 England caps was the pinnacle of my sporting career. 

Following the footsteps of the teachers that inspired me, I have also been in secondary education for twelve years, teaching Physical Education as well as Catering. Constantly inspiring the children with new challenges. Now for the next big challenge, cycling the world.